Sara Muzira

Institute of Psycho-Scientific Research: launch


Exciting times for new research establishment


A NEW research institute specialising in psycho-science was opened today in Bury St Edmunds.
  Sara Muzira, 55, Director of Deep Thought at the brand new Institute of Psycho-scientific Research, said, “I am thrilled to be not only Director but Chief Researcher at the new institute.” She added, "This research institute will lead the way in researching the by-product of art.”
  The Institute’s new Faculty of Deep Thought will be undertaking ground-breaking research into what drives an artist to work, and to discover what intangible products may also be produced at the same time.
  Muzira will be identifying and measuring by-products in and around Bury St Edmunds. “I may travel as far as Colchester in my quest for evidence,” she said.
  Our reporter was taken on a tour of the Institute by Ms Muzira. “Our laboratory equipment, consisting of an egg-timer and a collection of coloured sticky dots, is of the highest technical quality, and will allow for accurate
recording of the artist’s deep reflections,” said Ms Muzira.
   “In time we expect to attract significant funding for the Institute’s research work, allowing us to widen our field of research into the intelligent imagination,” she added.
   The Institute’s work will be based on grounded theory, and empirical evidence will be collected using an artist’s actual practice.
   Ms Muzira explained that the work of the IPR will become global as the impact of its research spreads.
   Anyone interested in sponsoring the Institute’s forthcoming research programme, or wishing to join the Institute as a contributing friend can contact the Director on 01284 723304.

Bury News July 29th 2011